Welcome to the Pla Mor Ballroom!

For over 85 years the Pla Mor Ballroom has entertained Lincoln and the surrounding communities with a wide variety of events. The Ballroom opened its doors December 23,1929 and since has hosted many big band legends such as Count Basie, Lawrence Welk and many others.

The Pla Mor Ballroom is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of elegance and beauty while also maintaining a sense of welcoming hospitality. We want your dreams to come true for your special day. Whatever your vision, our staff works to bring that into reality. [Read More…]

Don’t Miss These Special Events


Singles Dance Party

Join us this Friday August 7th for the Pla Mor Ballrooms Singles Dance Party ! Featuring Jimmy Mack!  Couples are always welcome! Show starts at 8:00PM but be sure to get here early for FREE dance lessons!
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Big Band Wednesday

Join us August 12th, 2015 for our Big Band Wednesday featuring Greg Spevak & his Orchestra! Show Starts at 7:00. Come help us keep that dance floor thumping on a night that the Pla Mor was created for! Music and Dancing, it’s what we do best!
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